CleanTech is the Persistent Theme for our Featured Inventions


The best corporations in the world embrace corporate social responsibility, honor and share in the rewards with game changing inventions, and accelerate the global adoption of these critically important technologies and the positive social impacts they have on people and planet.

All of InventionShare’s invention families meet the test for social responsibility and our commitment to people and planet as each of them has a common goal of minimizing our energy footprint. In some cases, our invention technologies can be implemented to improve energy production from clean sources such as solar and wind. In all cases, our invention families can have an impact by providing smaller physical sizes, depending on the application, for the same output and/or performance. This can provide energy cost savings and lower the cost of raw materials along with manufacturing and transportation costs. 


You can see that game changing inventions can make a difference not only by providing a significant business and consumer advantage but also show unique and powerful ways in which they are good for the environment and the world around us.


Here is a brief description of just some of the positive energy reduction qualities of our most important technologies. Adjacent to these descriptions are icons depicting some of the important people and planet impacts.  At the root of it all, for InventionShare and its portfolio of game changing inventions, is the ability for these invention opportunities to save energy.  In short, making better use of energy and increasing the use of clean energy technologies provides many social benefits, ultimately making the world a better place now and for generations to come.



People and Planet Impact:


Circuit Seed's digital building blocks for processing analog signals are charge mode devices and therefore they use a fraction of the electricity used by state of the art analog devices. For example, optical applications are dramatically leveraged by reduced power requirements because they provide for much higher throughput per energy unit.


In regards to communications applications, the simplified RF with extended range and very low noise to signal ratio uses much less power with greater output. In the burgeoning sensor market, Circuit Seed will enable very low powered miniaturized devices to displace larger power hungry devices. This is a major breakthrough as billions and trillions of devices can now have a lower energy footprint offering up additional social responsibility “people and planet” benefits. Low powered, high accuracy devices with unprecedented speed will displace slower, larger and relatively high energy consumption devices. Circuit Seed applications, then, can help change the planet one device at a time.



People and Planet Impact:  


The data center market is becoming a power nightmare, facing unprecedented growth and placing disturbing demands on the grid. Just as with automobile traffic and inefficiency in roads and highways, inefficiencies in data traffic translate to higher costs.


AcceleRoute is a new data switching architecture that effectively eliminates the number of hops and relieves network traffic congestion. The designs feature one central repository to find the exact location of the target IP address and an advanced orthogonal communications technique without buffers that minimizes the number of hops in a network.


AcceleRoute is ideally suited to a data center that owns and controls all activities and is looking to increase data throughput and substantially lower operating costs. With AcceleRoute, it is estimated that 80% of the data payload traffic in a data center would now have only one hop to its target destination, in contrast to three or more in large data centers. The remaining 20% requiring multiple hops, would require buffers at the edge nodes. The technology can also be implemented on a single or multiple router design as a data center or in a data center, bringing power savings to the world through an ultra-efficient network architecture.




People and Planet Impact: 

A single base station installation on a tower can replace the equivalent of 10 to 25 competitive wireless technology base stations for the same area coverage. This has a major impact on power consumption. There are huge savings on energy input for the equivalent infrastructure, as well as large energy savings in operating costs given a single tower coverage area of 3,200 square kilometers (1,250 miles). With 95% of the world's land mass having no or poor internet access, and a lack of energy grids and infrastructure in a large portion of these areas, it is critical to have low energy requirements per square kilometer and also to not have grid dependency.



People and Planet Impact:  


The combined technology of 5by5 Wireless and Circuit Seed brings a small footprint, very low power and frequency agile full duplex communications circuits to all devices. This enables greater throughput with much lower energy requirements. The extension of 5Bars Wireless means higher communications rates and throughput with lower power and introduces connectivity for a myriad of devices. These devices make up the intelligence of important emerging “precision” IoT networks such as energy, industrial, agriculture, forestry and aquaculture. 5Bars Wireless will run simpler and smaller home and office wireless networks at greater throughput with far less power. And who doesn't want 5Bars Wireless? 



People and Planet Impact:


For the small transformer market, PowerWindings can deliver significant efficiency to the consumer and industrial markets. Consider the proliferation of devices in the home and the workplace that require recharging - the aggregate consequence is huge in terms of overall global energy use. From home appliances to computers, to lighting, smart phones and sensors - everything that plugs into the grid can benefit from higher efficiency transformers. Recently, the transformer invention family has been augmented with the application to A/C motors. Although it is early, a simple application of A/C motors would be car ventilation systems where in hybrid and electric cars a reduction of energy use for fans would increase the battery life.