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About Us

InventionShare is a new kind of push-based open innovation and tech transfer company that functions as a perpetual and exclusive ‘Breakthrough Invention Fund’ by creating and developing ‘Invention Companies’ rather than high risk ‘Operating Companies’. This approach dramatically accelerates the adoption of breakthrough technologies by augmenting the innovation pipeline of large global companies – for extraordinary financial outcomes and high social impact. We do this by attracting and representing credible senior inventors with a proven track record through our ‘inventor friendly’ success-based model, and we support, amplify, protect and validate their seminal inventions with non-dilutive financial capital – in stark contrast to the traditional ‘start-up’ operating company models. The dramatic financial and social leverage we achieve is through our deep and distinct intellectual and relationship capital, human capital, industry and IP expertise, intelligence tools, process, diligence and discipline. It is one of the best ‘Alternative Investment’ vehicles in the marketplace today due to accelerated technology adoption, little to no business execution risk, and little correlation to business cycles.


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