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InventionShare is pleased to introduce a breakthrough technology

Circuit Seed Key Benefits

  • Low power consumption​
    Often 80%+ less, smaller battery or extended battery life

  • Low thermal budget ​
    Low power consumption generates less heat reduces the need for shielding and heat sinks impacting performance, area and cost​

  • Wide temperature range​
    80%+ plus circuits are insensitive to temperature that eliminates the need for correction circuitry further reducing complexity, power consumption, size, development and cost

  • No Changes to Manufacturing Process
    100% CMOS digital components and workflow with existing tools

  • Linear performance​
    Without correction circuitry further reducing complexity, power consumption, size, development and cost

  • Tuneable device​
    Allows you to change the ratio of the width/ length of the source and drain channel of the CiFET for different performance requirements reducing complexity

  • Wide bandwidth​
    Supports more applications and allows more flexibility for filtering

  • Small size and less complexity​
    Simplifies development and testing reducing the requirement for senior analog designers

  • Scalable​
    Will work in all IC nodes including < 28nm​

  • Less Cost​
    NRE, development, testing, wafer size, higher yields, fewer BOM, higher reliability

For further information, please contact:
Keith Taylor
Vice President Business Development
Tel: 613.225.7236 Ext 105
E-mail: [email protected]

Circuit Seed introduces Sensory Seed, the future of sensor electronics
Circuit Seed’s impact on smart phones
Revolutionary new way of processing analog signals using digital components; analog circuits made with digital parts allow the processing of analog signals in deep sub-micron feature size.
The use of capacitor ladders permits precision outputs to be achieved without precision parts. Increased precision allows measurements to be more sensitive.
The new circuits offer excellent linearity, stable response, differential input, no matched parts, and no use of current mirrors.
Faster and more reliable development, with reusable reference designs, reduces testing time and expense.
New circuit designs improve speed, and reduces the density of the circuit board by 20% or more.
Circuits are 100% scalable and easier to port to new platforms.
Fewer logic devices means reduced manufacturing costs.
Analog components use up to 70% less power that allows either longer battery life or a smaller battery. Less power also translates into less heat, extending product life.