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InventionShare Announces AcceleRoute’s™ New Contiguous Switching System for Cloud Communications and Large-Scale Data Centers

2018-10-02T19:04:37+00:00July 19th, 2016|AcceleRoute|

Mr. Greg Waite, CEO ofInventionShare, announced the release of AcceleRoute’s contiguous switching system for a large-scale cloud communications network or a large-scale data center. Speaking from his Ottawa office, Mr. Waite said AcceleRoute’s new designs offer high power efficiency, a less complex design and higher throughput.

The AcceleRoute invention portfolio is nine invention families comprised of 19 issued US patents and 11 applications. The CTO is very credible, with over 100 patents filed and significant industry experience at Nortel.AcceleRoute addresses all the key drivers for data center evolution, namely performance, throughput and lower energy costs. A hundred per cent of control traffic and 80% of data traffic has only one hop; there is less network congestion and complexity; it is easier to manage and expand; and there is better utilization of ports and, importantly, much less power consumption and better overall performance. The technology can be implemented on a single or multiple router design as a data center or in a data center and co-exist with current technology.

These patents represent the seventh family of switches and include a contiguous switching system for a large-scale cloud communications network or a large-scale data center.  The switching system is configured to enable routing a significant proportion of incoming data through a distributed single-stage connector. The disclosed switching system may serve as a shared cloud network supporting numerous constituent networks of global coverage or a large-scale data center.

The switching system is based on orthogonal connectivity of a distributed single-stage connector, having a large number of disjoint primary switches, to a large number of access nodes and a large number of secondary switches. The secondary switches may be coupled to a large number of servers forming a server farm. The orthogonal-connectivity scheme yields a contiguous network providing single-hop paths from each access node to each other access node, from each secondary switch to each other secondary switch, from each access node to each secondary switch, and from each secondary switch to each access node. The connectivity pattern enables network scalability to accommodate hundreds of thousands of access nodes while permitting a significant proportion of traffic to be routed through single-hop paths.  The structure of the switching system greatly facilitates accommodating numerous virtual networks.

Mr. Waite said, “We have this patent portfolio available now for those companies who are looking to produce totally new and unique architectures for small one-hop switches. Generally speaking, the more hops data must traverse to reach their destination, the greater the transmission delay incurred and the higher the cost.AcceleRoute’s less complex designs increase capacity and provide higher throughput, no queuing and less latency – which all lead to less processing time and processing costs, thereby reducing power consumption significantly.”

InventionShare is interested in partnering exclusively with one major company or a consortium. The patents can be purchased and InventionShare is interested in an outright portfolio purchase with a modest carried interest in sub-licensing programs.  For information on licensing, contact Keith Taylor at [email protected]

For more media information, contact Kensel J. Tracy [email protected] or 613-225-7236 extension 116.  For more information on AcceleRoute, see www.AcceleRoute.com

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