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InventionShare Announces AcceleRoute’s New High Scalable Network Architecture Based on Bufferless Switches for Data Centers Providing Better Utilization of Ports, Much Less Power Consumption and Better Overall Performance.

2018-10-02T19:04:37+00:00July 14th, 2016|AcceleRoute|

Mr. Greg Waite, CEO ofInventionShare, announced the release of AcceleRoute’s new high scalable network architecture based onbufferless switches for data centers.  Speaking from the company’s Ottawa office, Mr. Waite says thatAcceleRoute is an innovative and elegant architecture family of inventions recently acquired by InventionShare.

The AcceleRoute invention portfolio is nine invention families comprised of 19 issued US patents and 11 applications. The CTO is very credibl,e with over 100 patents filed and significant industry experience at Nortel.AcceleRoute addresses all the key drivers for data center evolution, namely performance, throughput and lower energy costs. A hundred per cent of control traffic and 80% of data traffic has only one hop; there is less network congestion and complexity; it is easier to manage and expand; and there is better utilization of ports and, importantly, much less power consumption and better overall performance.  The technology can be implemented on a single or multiple router design as a data center or in a data center and co-exist with current technology.

AcceleRoute’s bufferless switches are the first family of patents available; they are scalable and have a capacity level of 20 Pbps (10 Gbps Ports) and 80 Pbps (40 Gbps Ports). The patents target large-scale data centers providing a switching system that scales to a capacity of tens of thousands of terabits per second (Tbps). Independent space switches interconnect access nodes coupled to data sources and data sinks, where each access node has a path to each other access node traversing only one intermediate switch.  The connectivity pattern of access nodes to switches is devised to naturally equalize data flow rates through the switches. Each access node has upstream channels to a selected set of bufferless switches and downstream channels from a different set of bufferlessswitches which is orthogonal to the selected set. Optionally, the input sides of all of the bufferless switches connect to mutually orthogonal sets of access nodes.

Mr. Waite said “this architecture allows for a data center to have the capacity of 80 Pbps. This is much larger than the envisaged capacity of current data center designs.  For example, all control data and the bulk of payload data traverse only one hop, and the payload data is buffered only at the edge so that en route buffering – a major source of routing problems – is eliminated. The network structure is SDN-friendly and facilitates both distributed and centralized control. The design and simulations are available now to companies interested increased capacity and reduced data center costs.”

 InventionShare is interested in partnering exclusively with one major company or a consortium. The patents can be purchased, and InventionShare is interested in an outright portfolio purchase with a modest carried interest in sub-licensing programs.

For more information on AcceleRoute, see www.AcceleRoute.com

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