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InventionShare Fills Major Role in Company Announcing Ron Laurie as Chairman of the Board at the 18th Annual Berkeley-Stanford Advanced Patent Law Institute

2017-12-15T14:20:22+00:00December 15th, 2017|Inventionshare News|

Greg Waite, co-founder and CEO of InventionShare, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ron Laurie as Chairman of the Board. Mr. Waite made the announcement today at the 18th Annual Berkeley-Stanford Advanced Patent Law Institute being held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The event, co-organized by BCLT and Stanford Law School, presents a roster of judges, academics, litigators, patent prosecutors, and senior IP counsel from major corporations offering a results-oriented, in-depth look at the latest developments in patent law and practice.

Mr. Waite said, “I am pleased to announce that the InventionShare business model has won the respect and commitment of Mr. Laurie, an internationally known invention commercialization strategist who has joined us as our Chairman. Ron has a notable history of creating valuable technology and intellectual property portfolios, corporate spin-offs, and multi-party joint ventures. He authored the Priceline ‘reverse auction’ patent, which was one of the first e-commerce patents to attract national attention, and he later helped take the company public.”

“What attracted me to InventionShare is its unique new model for rapidly transforming breakthrough technologies into widely deployed innovation,” said Ron Laurie. “Whereas the traditional invention commercialization model involves building an operating (i.e. product) company from scratch, my M&A background has taught me that nearly all of the necessary corporate infrastructure (e.g. sales, marketing, HR, IT, etc.) is typically discarded because the acquiring company already has it. InventionShare avoids this waste of time and capital by going directly from breakthrough inventions to global deployment.”

Mr. Waite continued, “With Ron’s foundation of respect and trust across a large community of intellectual asset professionals, he has already attracted many world-class inventors and intellectual property experts to InventionShare, thus broadening our already highly-respected team.”

InventionShare offers the acceleration of breakthrough technologies by connecting transformative inventions from accomplished senior inventors with progressive global and high growth companies. Offering disruptive business models, highly scalable and patentable opportunities, InventionShare is making a difference worldwide by bringing valuable and innovative know-how to the planet.

For more information contact Kensel Tracy at [email protected] or at 613-225-7236 Ext.116.

About Ron Laurie

Ron is a Silicon Valley veteran, with an evolutionary career as a systems engineer, patent attorney, M&A lawyer, and founder of the first boutique ‘IP investment bank’.

Ron sits on the advisory board for the Hoover Institution Working Group on Intellectual Property, Innovation and Prosperity (IP2) at Stanford University. Hoover IP² extends the intellectual debate on intellectual property rights and patents from the dominion of legal scholars and government officials to include economists, political scientists, political economists, practicing attorneys, and business professionals.

Ron is also co-chair of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Licensing Executive Society (LES) and, at the national level, serves on the LES standards committees on Patent Valuation and Intellectual Assets in the Boardroom.

About InventionShare

InventionShare functions as a perpetual and exclusive ‘Breakthrough Invention Fund’ that creates and develops ‘Invention Companies’ rather than high risk ‘Operating Companies’. This approach dramatically accelerates the adoption of breakthrough technologies by augmenting the innovation pipeline of large global companies – for extraordinary financial outcomes and high social impact. We do this by attracting and representing credible senior inventors with a track record, through our ‘inventor friendly’ success-based model, and we support, amplify, protect and validate their seminal inventions with non-dilutive financial capital – in stark contrast to operating companies. The dramatic financial and social leverage we achieve is through our deep and distinct intellectual and relationship capital, industry and IP expertise, intelligence tools, process, diligence and discipline.