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InventionShare Secures Rights to AcceleRoute Inventions for New High Speed Router Design for Data Centers That Is Fifteen Times Faster Than Current Technology

2018-10-02T19:04:37+00:00May 10th, 2016|AcceleRoute|

Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, an Ottawa-based invention equity company that links inventors to global companies, announced today that it has secured the rights toAcceleRouteTM, a new high speed router and data center design for data centers that runs at 5,000 terabits/sec. This design is fifteen times faster than current technology using conventional COTS (current-off-the-shelf) optical components. The new architecture currently eliminates the number of hops and relieves congestion and improves the effectiveness of a router designs currently found in most modern data centers.

Mr. Waite said, quoting a recent Cisco VNI global IP traffic forecast, “Annual global IP traffic will surpass thezettabyte (1000 exabytes) threshold in 2016, and the two zettabyte threshold in 2019. Global IP traffic will reach 1.1 zettabytes per year or 88.4 exabytes (one billion gigabytes) per month in 2016. By 2019, global IP traffic will pass a new milestone figure of 2.0 zettabytes per year, or 168.0 exabytes per month with an annual growth rate of 23 percent up to 2019. AcceleRoute designs will soon become the norm in every router in all data centers as the need for higher speed data switching is needed right now.”

Mr. Waite says, “AcceleRoute designs will have a major impact on all companies currently producing routers for data centers. When you can process data fifteen times quicker than your competitor, you can significantly reduce equipment costs, overhead and, most of all, reduce the amount of electricity you are using. We believe that these data center designs will significantly disrupt the data center product market place and give some manufacturer a truly unique competitive advantage.”

AcceleRoute was developed by a very credible chief technology officer with significant experience – the architect of over 180 U.S. patents in data networking. The new architecture consists of a suite of thirty patent applications and includes nine patent families. Each family provides a number of breakthroughs that includes a data switching system that gracefully scales to thousands of terabytes per second.

The invention families are very comprehensive, covering (a) electronic switching nodes interconnected through a single rotator yet scalable to thousands of dual ports, (b) packet switches of moderate sizes based on contention-free switch modules, (c) a global data network coverage, scalable to an access capacity of hundreds of petabits per second, (d) a data switching system which will serve as a large-scale data center, (e) a high capacity communications network of multiple switch planes, (f) a continuous switching system for cloud communications/ large scale data centers, (g) an optical spectral temporal connector interconnecting a large number of nodes in a full mesh structure, and (i) distributed control of a vast communications network.

Mr. Waite said that InventionShare is now looking for strategic partners who want to create AcceleRouteproducts by licensing or acquiring the patent portfolio and working with the inventor to meet the accelerating demands of the internet of everything.

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