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Mission Statement

InventionShare is a true open-innovation intermediary – a bridge between the creators of breakthrough inventions and the world-class technology companies that turn them into globally deployed, high-impact products and services having significant social value. But, unlike conventional open innovation paradigms, we employ a push-model rather than pull.

From an investor perspective, we function as a perpetual and exclusive “Breakthrough Invention Fund that creates and develops Invention Companies rather than high-risk Operating Companies. This approach dramatically accelerates the adoption of breakthrough technologies by augmenting the innovation pipeline of large global companies – for extraordinary financial outcomes and high social impact.

We do this by attracting and representing credible senior inventors with a history of creating successful commercial outcomes. Using an inventor-friendly, success-based model we support, amplify, protect and validate their seminal inventions with non-dilutive financial capital (in stark contrast to operating companies). The dramatic financial and social leverage we achieve is through our deep and distinct intellectual and relationship capital, human capital, industry and IP expertise, intelligence tools, process, diligence and discipline.

By creating Invention Companies instead of Operating Companies for accelerated and early financial exits, the focus is on the technology, human capital, and the associated IP protection with little or no product implementation or market adoption risk, or the cost or time delay associated with the creation of the operational infrastructure required for an operating company. Instead, our invention companies are focused on the following activities:

(1) establishing convincing technical proof-of-concept and commercial scalability;

(2) building the base for a comprehensive international patent portfolio covering systems/subsystems and processes across a broad range of implementations, applications and markets;

(3) defining and creating vertical and horizontal spinouts (spokes) to demonstrate the in-market potential and to drive valuation of the core technology (hub) higher as a result;

(4) mining, licensing and harvesting government and university IP that is commercially enabled by the core platform technology for further valuation and segment expansion;

(5) identifying and then engaging one or more global technology companies for an M&A exit, exclusive field-of-use licensing, or a joint venture relationship; and

(6) through our corporate partner Future Path, to the extent necessary, pre-selecting talented individuals with solid industry experience in the relevant disciplines to assist with the tech transfer and integration processes.