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InventionShare is pleased to introduce a breakthrough technology

For further information, please contact:
Lesley Gent
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Precision Nutra™ brings breakthrough nanotechnology and molecular science to the nutraceutical market (including cannabis). It’s Printaceutical™ technology is based on organic vapor jet printing (OJVP) that increases and controls dissolution/solubility and permits the combination of small molecules and compounds on any substrate, such as timed release patches.

Precision Nutra is focused on the nutraceutical market while our sister company specializes in the pharmaceutical market. A subset of benefits of the technology are: (1) the active nutraceutical ingredients (ANIs) are converted from powders to crystals and films using solvent-free processing; (b) the process minimizes contamination and purifies ingredients; (c) are ready immediately; (d) the process requires low energy; (e) enables low production cost; (f) produces nano-scale morphology with a massive dissolution enhancement rate; (g) provides excellent process control​ for incorporating accurate and small amounts of high potency ingredients, batch uniformity, and therefore high precision micro doses; and (h) the technology enables patterning and 3D printing compatibility, enabling new delivery vehicles.

The Printaceutical™ technology brings automation, scalability and personalization on a patented foundation to the cannabis health and wellness markets. In greater detail, the technology opens up three very large market opportunities:

  1. automated nutraceutical discovery, research and development;
  2. scalable manufacturing from short investigation runs to high volume generic consumer fulfillment; and
  3. personalized print and delivery services for unique combinations of nutraceuticals and titrations.

Each of these major market opportunities are applicable to both humans and animals. ​All three programs are open to joint venture and white label programs, supply chain and fulfillment partnerships.

With over 554 identified compounds (C. sativa L. plants), 113 phytocannabinoids and 120 terpenes, the permutations, combinations, weightings and dosages are overwhelming. Precision Nutra’s technology enables the delivery of tens of thousands of small molecule combinations.

In combination with nutraceuticals and, in particular, CBDs sensory expansion for the edible and beverage markets can provide for further customization such as flavours, scents and textures for a deep consumer-personalized experience.

Join us in our mission to accelerate the commercialization and global adoption of this breakthrough technology, for extraordinary financial and social impact returns.

For additional information please contact:
Lesley Gent
(613) 225.7236 Ext. 131
[email protected]