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InventionShare is pleased to introduce a breakthrough technology

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Lesley Gent
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Enhanced Nutraceuticals Will Deliver on Essential Health and Wellness to People and Pets​

Precision Nutra™ is focused on organic vapor jet processing and printing (OVJP) of plant based small molecules including those found in cannabis or their equivalents and complements found in legumes, mushrooms, algae, fungi, herbs, spices, leaves, roots and barks.

This patented 3D OVJP Printaceutical™ device and process  creates highly soluble superior nutrients/nutraceuticals that can be readily infused into beverages and foods – providing for health and wellness benefits that have been credibly analyzed, studied and documented around the world.

Precision Nutra™ is a joint venture with Sublime LLC, a spin-out from the University of Michigan. Precision Nutra is the worldwide, exclusive licensee for the application of this technology to the nutraceutical market, while Sublime retains the rights to all other markets, including pharmaceuticals.

This breakthrough automation technology for solubility, precision and scale brings “theme based” active ingredient combinations to the massive consumer markets for food and beverages – perfectly timed for the momentous interest around plant based nutraceuticals (lead by Cannabis). It’s equally relevant to domestic pets, farm animals and in crisis, undernourished wildlife.

Consumers will also be given the choice to fortify off the shelf food and beverages or supplement their own recipes with liquid drops, powder/crystal dispensers or packets (similar to sugar substitutes). Reaching out further, individual ingredient recipe solutions like the at home mixing device and it’s kiosk equivalent will provide for greater choice, community recipe sharing and personal titration, all executed with advanced patented social expertise software.

From health and wellness, mass market themes, and deep personalization, we unify through our enhanced patented natural ingredient processing technology whether the motivation is health and wellness or an entertainment experience, layering on special tastes, wonderful aromas or a controlled buzz, if you are so inclined.

Join us to change the health and wellness of all through nature’s fantastic array of plant based molecules. We can do something that big with something that small.

For additional information please contact:
Lesley Gent
(613) 225.7236 Ext. 131
[email protected]