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High speed, accuracy, low cost, low power, small

Digital electronics


Binary - Moore’s Law



Big, slow, consumes lots of power

Sound, light, chemicals, magnetics and more

Real world


Power, Performance, and Area (PPA)​

unifies them providing significant improvements in:

Circuit Seed technology takes the best of both worlds and

move around for various frequencies.

Frequency agile filters embedded into the RF front end module and SoC with the ability to

Low signal distortion and noise reduction at 5-6GHz band with improved signal quality

Improves envelope tracking with the ability to handle high speed and wider bandwidth

frequency and antenna agile chip.

Provide a ubiquitous perpetual energy harvesting software defined radio on a tunable

Zero battery, energy harvesting for RFID and IoT communications and sensing.

5Bars Wireless for All Digital RF Communications Front End

with integrated dispensing.

Provide accurate & safe real time monitoring of high risk diseases like heart and diabetes

Make bionic enhancers or replacements for loss of hearing, vision or motor movement.

Identify the two infected plants that need to be destroyed instead of spraying thousands of acres.

Provide real time quality measurement for water from your faucet and food from your fridge

“lab in a box” or “lab on a chip” solutions.

Detect hundreds of medical/health conditions within minutes at your doctor’s office with

Sensory Seed for Health Care and Life Sciences Technologies

house gas reduction.

Fuel mix, drive train and braking are a few of the many items that will be optimized for green

their way into developing countries.

Ride sharing and low cost tech, low environmental impact vehicles with enhanced safety will make

Improves driver assist and autonomous technologies such as LiDAR, Radar, Sonar, Imaging and AI.

Advanced sensors will accelerate the promise of drive sharing which will reduce carbon footprint.

Collision detection & avoidance technologies will reduce accidents, deaths, injuries and insurance costs.

Sensors in Motion for Automotive, Transportation and Robotics

Withdrawing Winnings
Special Features


…connecting transformative inventions…
  • Technological leap, extremely innovative (not incremental)

  • Business model disruption (disintermediation)

  • Highly scalable and broadly patentable

  • Urgency for adoption, needed yesterday

  • Intuitive value proposition, no need for market validation

…from world-class senior inventors…
  • Veteran inventors with unique intellectual and experiential education & career paths, “grown-ups” not “start-ups”

  • Valuable Negative-Know-How

  • Prolific problem solvers and opportunity navigators

  • Proven track record of inventing for large commercial outcomes and social impact

  • A passion & an affinity to work with corporate inventor teams

…with progressive global and high growth companies.
  • Replace “too costly & too late” M&A with open innovation

  • Low business execution risk compared to start-ups

  • Speed of global adoption – key to “people and planet” inventions

  • Intra-preneurs execute much faster than entrepreneurs


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“The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.”    ~ Nikola Tesla